After Breast Augmentation: Your New Look

What might you expect after your breast implant surgery? There are many reasons why women opt for this increasingly popular procedure. Some women simply want the experience of having bigger breasts. Other women choose the procedure to restore their breast to their youthful appearance prior to having children. What happens after breast augmentation? It is important for you to understand the ramifications of undergoing breast augmentation so that you will be satisfied with the results.

There are short term and long-term implications. Short Term Things To Think About The recovery period immediately after your breast augmentation surgery varies depending upon a number of important factors. Your skin type, age, family history, personal attitude toward healing, and choice in breast augmentation recovery garments can all impact your recovery time. The more precisely you plan your recovery with your plastic surgeon, the better your recovery process will be.

Caring for your new breasts with proper breast augmentation recovery bras not only effects the speed of healing, but also effects how long your new breasts will retain their youthful appearance. While your doctor will recommend various garments there are a number of online stores in which you can buy your breast augmentation bra ahead of time. Be sure to buy a good compression garment that will hold your breast implants in place.

These garments will not only ease the pain after the procedure but also prevent rapid descent of the implant after surgery. Your plastic surgeon will recommend an extended period of rest and relaxation immediately following the procedure. This recuperation time may last from a minimum of one week to two weeks or even longer if you have significant risk factors? Be sure to take this into account when planning for the surgery time. Even after you have resumed many of your normal activities during the day and returned to your place of employment, your doctor may instruct you to keep your movements limited and to avoid heavy lifting.

You will have regular follow-up appointments with your doctor to assess the healing and results of your surgery. During your recovery time after breast augmentation, you should always carefully watch the site of the incision for tearing, excessive swelling or bleeding. You should also take your temperature regularly, because an elevated temperature may indicate some type of infection. If you experience any of these symptoms or anything else unusual, contact your doctor immediately.

Living With The Long Term Effects Because breast augmentation is an invasive procedure, it may take several months for the full effects of your surgery to become apparent. Mild swelling may last for some time, and your breast may need time to settle into their final shape, placement and form. It is not uncommon for the breast implants to “ride high” on your chest wall before descending into their more natural position. It is also not uncommon for the breast implants to descend at different times, so that one may fall into place before the other.

For many women, the long-term effects of breast augmentation may be largely psychological. Getting used to your new breasts goes beyond your simple appearance. The experience of having larger breasts can often have a big psychological impact on many women new to the procedure. One creative new way women are using today to prepare for the surgery is to wear a breast implant sizing system before the surgery. This can truly help acclimate yourself to the new feelings you will have with larger breasts as well as preparing you for the social impact.

Wearing a breast implant seizer to make yourself a C cup or D cup ahead of time also can help you choose what breast implant size is right for you. If you have children, weaning breast implant sizes in front of them can help prepare both your kids and yourself to your new appearance. Many women report some anxiety about how their family will react to the procedure, but after wearing trial sizes they learn they have nothing to worry about. They are usually surprised at the good comments they receive from people while they are trying on their new breast size.

Some women experience nipple insensitivity, usually due to damage to the nerves during the surgery while other women report a sudden increase in sensitivity. These are impossible for your doctor to predict since every woman’s body is unique. By understanding these possible results you will be better prepared to deal with them if and when they occur.

Breast augmentation can be a superb solution for many looking to improve the shape, size or appearance of their breasts. Before you make your decision to undergo the procedure, you should consider wearing a breast implant sizing system for a few days or few weeks. How do you feel about yourself at home? Do you feel better about yourself when you are out in public? It is easier to decide on breast augmentation and the right size if you try it out before you make the big plunge.

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