All About Acne Facts You Should Know

Imagine this: A tall woman is walking. She is in a flashy tight fitting jeans and cool sexy top. Her curly bouncing locks drape up to her waist. Is she not a head turner? Then she walks towards you. You look at her, and then you see black and white spots all over her nose and a big red pimple in her forehead.

Then you realize, she was not as stunning as you thought. They are marks that scream. A small (or even big) red, swelling boil, black and white stubborn ugly spots in the T-zone. They are so ugly, you would not want to see them, and worse, have them.

Acne as defined in yahoo education is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands whereby hair follicles of the skin are marked by the eruption of pimples or pustules. Acne often attacks a person’s face. The facial skin is the most sensitive part of the skin, that is why it needs extra care and attention, but with pollution and the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, the skin gets damaged.

As a result of the accumulated dirt and other harsh chemicals, acne develops. Having acne starts in the puberty stage when the body’s sexual hormones starts to become more active. The hormones become active causing the skin to become oilier. Oily skin when exposed to the polluted environment develops acne.

People like to think that todays world is full of advances in skin care technology. Although this is true, that is the fact many people still believe the myriad of acne myths out there. Here are some of them:

MYTHS 1. Having pimples is a sign that someone is in-love. It may be because being in-love is so often associated with sleepless nights. What you should know is that it is staying up late at night that causes pimples, not being love. (But do not fret now, the benefits being in love far outweighs the occasional zit.)

2. Eating nuts causes acne. Studies have shown that eating nuts does not have direct connection to having acne. It is okay to enjoy nuts, the brain food, but the keyword is always moderation.

FACTS 1. Lack of sleep causes acne. The skin needs rest so a good, enough and early sleep is a good way to prevent having acne.

2. Acne is stress related. Stress causes the skin to become dry and old which may cause acne. So before you have them, relax and take a deep breath.

3. Too much make-up causes acne. Putting on too much make-up blocks the pores which is the root cause of having acne.

4. Avoid the sun. Though having a tan looks good, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun is very harmful to the skin. Exposure to this do not just cause acne but may lead to skin cancer too! It is about time that you debunk those old beliefs on acne. Do not be fooled, acne breakouts are ugly and stubborn. However, they are also easily avoided. So take good care of your skin.

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