All Detroit football rumor

People get excited when they want to know what the rumors are going on in the Football world. Especially the Detroit Football lovers are always very curious about the hot news in the Football world. All the rumors can also be dangerous, since false stories are printed or telecasted by the media and that causes lot of problems too.

One of the rumors was concerning Detroit Lions taking one large step of being humiliated to the point of bowing their hands and knees to Pittsburg, and literally begged Ro Hughes to come back. Hughes was the former vice president player personnel in the Lions team and was one of the first ones to get fired when Millen joined in as the president in the year 2001.

Since then the Lions have been said to have really paid the cost from that time. Hughes although was perfect in doing his job he also had his own share of flubs. He also was a great attribute and contemplated a lot in the Lions and in most of the games that he was part of. He was also known to be a professional who spent most of his life in scouting and evaluating colleges.

However, he was, he was known to be a good person and he had because of his personality built a very good strong staff around him. Kevin Colbert had left lions in the year 2000 and had become the director of football operations for the Pittsburg Steelers he was a protg to Hughes. It was said that Kevin Colbert won the Super Bowl in the last season.

Millen who became the president after Hughes after a while decided to take Hughes back, which indeed was a turn over because he wanted Hughes again to take charge of almost everything and come back to the team.

There had been scouts who worked under Hughes while he was in the Lions but there was a problem when Hughes had to come back and that problem was easily traced to the top, where the decisions that were made ranged from actually bad to horrible and from horrible to worse. Greatest loss of Detroit’s has been the destruction of Detroit’s roster. Millen has miserably been laid down and failed to find any single playmakers.

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