Are You Still Looking For A Job?

Most people I know are unhappy with their jobs. The alarm clock becomes the enemy at 6:00 o’clock on a Monday morning as its shrill cry signals the end of an all too short weekend mini-break. But, spurred on by the thought of a paycheck guaranteed to be there whether the mind accompanies the body to work that day or not, they make the noble sacrifice and head out into the big, brave job world.

Statistics show that Home-based businesses are the hottest and fastest growing segment of the American economy. By the end of 2005 it is predicted that as many as 75% of the working population will be working from their homes. Most people would love to have a work from home job – one where they can stay at home and work for someone else just like they do in the office.

Have you looked around the Internet at the “work from home jobs”? They are mainly for the highly specialized professions – programmers, medical and legal transcriptionists, graphic designers and for project specialists in fields such as technology research. I don’t know about you but my expertise in these fields is almost zero and I am sure that is true for the majority of the population of planet earth.

To my mind these highly specialized jobs not only appeals to a very tiny segment of the home-job-seeking population, they also do not offer much flexibility. You don’t get to pick your clients, your co-workers, or your hours on the job. In effect you become a telecommuter with a supervisor who wants to dictate your every move just to make sure you are really working.

What is worse is that telecommuters are still subject to the company’s employment policies and procedures and are definitely not in control of their working environment. Most people who want a home-based business are not willing to exercise the discipline it would take to start earning the thousands of dollars the gurus and top Home Business marketers claim can be made so easily.

They are content with making just enough to pay the bills and have a stress-free work environment. The pros of a successful Home-based Business far outweigh the cons. A Home Business can be anything you want it to be A messenger service, a hairdressing salon, affiliate marketing, an Internet franchise, a bookstore, etc.

The world is your oyster, and if your business is an online one, you can create the business you really want. Just think, you could be leaping out of bed each morning excited and ready to begin work instead of prying yourself out of bed dreading the thought of returning for even one more day to a job you hate and a boss you despise.

The corporate world has become increasingly unpredictable . I have relatives and friends who have changed jobs numerous times in the last 5-7 years. You would think these are entry level earners but most of them have MA’s, PHD’s and advanced university degrees.

Twenty years ago, one could bank on having just 2-3 jobs in their lifetime, the average is now between 8-16. The corporate world is changing rapidly. Companies are downsizing or relocating to countries that have cheaper labor costs.

This trend is set to continue. Even if you possess those rare skills I mentioned earlier, you still won’t be in full control of your job situation until you have your own home business. With your own home business you are in the driver’s seat; you are the boss! You set the goals and you decide the fate of your company.

You will never get laid off because the company you work for is relocating or downsizing. The best part is, that when you own your own home business, you get to have leisure time and vacations whenever you want.

You call the shots because you are in control of your destiny! And, even though you may have heard it many times before, owning your own business is, without a doubt, your surest pathway to accumulating true wealth.

Still looking for a JOB? Whether it is an office job or you are telecommuting – it is still a “JOB”. Someone else is still putting a cap on what your lifetime earnings would be worth. Its time to lift the ceiling.

Start thinking seriously about setting up and growing your own home business. You will find a satisfaction deep inside that you never knew your work could provide, and the Monday Morning Blues will be a thing of the past.

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