Afina: The Leader in Medicine Cabinets

The Afina Corporation is a leading producer of high-quality medicine cabinets and mirrors headquartered in Paterson, New Jersey. Their lines of exquisite mirrors and medicine cabinets have distinctive styles that are reminiscent of old world elegance, yet still fit in perfectly with modern interior design schemes. Afina mirrors and medicine cabinets are made in the US by superior craftsman, which means they will last for generations.

Paired with their timeless styles, an Afina mirror or medicine cabinet is more than just a nice addition to your bathroom, it is an investment that can be passed on through your family. At, we have a wide variety of Afina mirrors and medicine cabinets that will suit nearly any bathroom decor.

Afina Mirrors: Afina has several collections of mirror styles, like the Elegance which have modern, sleek looks, and their Estates collection which boast traditional and classic styles. Many of their Estates mirrors look as though they were once hanging in the halls of a majestic castle, or were forged by a Venetian craftsman. Choose from their Radiance Scallop Top Frameless Wall Mirror, Double Arch Frameless Wall Mirror, Distinctive Wood Framed Wall Mirror and more.

Afina Medicine Cabinets: Like their collections of mirrors, the Afina medicine cabinets also combine modern and classical styles. Afina medicine cabinets come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes to fit nearly any bathroom design scheme. Choose from the modern stainless steel designs, traditional wood designs and more. carries a wide line of Afina mirrors and medicine cabinets, at prices that are affordable for any budget.

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