An affiliate Experiences Moderate Success In A Single Program And Suddenly Assumes

If you’re into affiliate marketing, no doubt you’ve come across a ton of reports, blog/forum posts and information products where the person has claimed to be making huge dollars as an affiliate, aka a super affiliate; leaving you green with envy. Treat all such reports with a grain of salt; particularly if you’re an affiliate marketing newbie.

Here’s why – but I’ll also offer you the real secret to making decent bucks as an affiliate, absolutely free of charge. Lies, damned lies Often, it’s just total lies – there’s really no other way to put it. It’s often just a hook to sucker you into whatever is being touted, or grooming you for purchasing a product in the future.

Often sales pages for a product stating “let me show you how I make a thousand bucks a day from affiliate marketing” are owned by people who have bought the product and site from the guy who actually made the thousand dollars a day – mostly by selling the product and site. You’ll find tens of thousands of these get rich quick sites scattered throughout the Internet.

Don’t rely on scans of commission checks either as proof of income or revenue generated. These are easily falsified. Capital outlay Consider there may be a large sum of money the person has outlaid in order to make that cash. For example, Dude A claims he made 100k, but what he doesn’t tell you is that he spent 60k to make it on promoting the product.

Dude B makes 55k but only spent 5k. While Dude A might seem to be the high flyer, Dude B is the more successful affiliate when it comes down to it as his ROI (Return On Investment) is far higher. Some affiliates aim for quality over quantity. It’s not uncommon in PPC (pay per click) for instance for some affiliate marketers to spend 7 bucks in clicks in order to make 10.

That’s not really profitable unless you’re doing volume, and it’s this sort of approach that’s also helped to contribute to high PPC prices today. Investment of time Something else to bear in mind is time – two guys make a thousand bucks, one spends 40 hours to make it, another spends 20. The first guy crows about the thousand bucks, the second keeps quiet.

I’d rather learn from the second person myself – but so many of these guys fly under the radar; which is really a smart thing to do when you think about it. I’ve seen this scenario happen often – an affiliate experiences moderate success in a single program and suddenly assumes they are the bees knees. Emboldened by their feeling of superiority they then go on to create courses and information products on how to make a ton of cash from affiliate marketing.

That first program is their only claim to success and the strategies they outline in their products (aside from the affiliate marketing 101 stuff) only work well for that particular product *at the time* they were marketing it; yet they portray the “secret strategy” as being unique. Inner circle strategy Often what the super affiliates and marketing gurus who sell information products won’t tell you about is what I call “inner circle strategy”.

It works on the principle of networking with their affiliate buddies and wealth building on wealth. There’s big dollars to be made using it, but you need to be semi-successful as an affiliate first before you’ll get an opportunity to even get a foot in the door of these little clubs – learn more about the inner circle strategy. Landing Page Optimization – make your marketing copy work! Landing Page Optimization Boost your landing page conversions to double digits!

Make your marketing copy work! – Over 120 pages – 200+ optimization techniques – 100% satisfaction guaranteed – Step by step guides – Instant download! -:- New to landing page optimization? Read our free article on creating effective landing pages. The real secret Most of the information you need to make a decent income from affiliate marketing can be found for free; on sites like mine and many others.

Affiliate forums are also a great place to gain insight. While there are some high flying super affiliates out there who are highly successful in their own right and have the Midas touch; remember all that glitters is not gold and sometimes the gold has to be mined using a lot of blood, sweat and tears – and that’s what you should be counting on as a newbie in the world of affiliate marketing. My approach has always been – think content before profit.

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