Arbutin is a natural skin whitening agent that is an inhibitor of tyrosinase

Alpha form of arbutin has been found to be a stronger inhibitor than the arbutin. A-arbutin 4% can even curb the action of tyrosinase in low concentration. The inhibitory method of a-arbutin is different from the inhibitory mechanism of arbutin.

And also, intensity of a-arbutin is 10 times more than that of arbutin. Alpha arbutin serum is also sold in various forms including alpha arbutin ultra whitening serum. It is formed by mixing the best skin whitening element, alpha arbutin.

Alpha arbutin ultra whitening serum is an excellent mixture of oils, natural agents and vitamins. These ingredients act as a perfect means that helps in making skin even, smoothing the skin and providing a healthy tone to skin.

Alpha arbutin serum is perfect for lightening the skin tone by fighting against dark skin, discoloration, spots, sun exposure, freckles and pigmentation. This serum is prepared to stop the production of melanin and even the skin tone. You can start noticing its effects from the very first day of its usage.

Arbutin is a natural skin whitening agent that is an inhibitor of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is the enzyme causing darkening of skin. Arbutin deactivates the tyrosinase by constituting with its important copper ion.

It behaves as a reducing agent on the intermediates of melanin and blocks the oxidation chain at many points from tyrosine to melanin. Arbutin is a whitening and skin de-pigmentation agent that is derived from the small evergreen bush known as bearberry. It is formed by a liquid or solid extraction which is an environment friendly process.

Arbutin is available in two forms. One is alpha form and other is its beta version. Both of these are inhibitors of tyrosinase. Efficacy and steadiness are the features that are more in the alpha version of arbutin resulting in more efficient and faster effect in lightening the skin, falling age spots called as liver spots and also in reducing tanning of skin caused by UV exposure.

Alpha arbutin which is 4-hydroxphenyl-a-D-glucopyranoside is a-glucoside in structure whereas beta arbutin is a b-glucoside.

Arbutin is a substance that provides protection to the skin against any of the damage resulting from free radicals. Arbutin is most popular in Asian countries and Japan as a skin whitening and skin de-pigmentation agent.

By curbing tyrosinase action, arbutin inhibits the production of melanin pigment. In alpha arbutin serum, 4 percent of arbutin is used. Various skin lightening serums are epimer of a-arbutin.

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